Why does the age range of kids in the Research Compendium studies go up to 11 while TALi products are recommended for 3-8?

Some of TALi TRAIN studies were conducted on children with neurodevelopmental disorders therefore allowing children with higher chronological age (up to 11) to be included in the study. Although these children are older based on their chronological age, their developmental age is lower and they still find TALi TRAIN challenging and engaging.

The other study on the efficacy of TALi TRAIN on neurotypical school children included children between the chronological ages of 5 and 9. Inclusion of younger or older children in clinical trials is a common practice for investigating the interaction of age and performance.

Therefore, for customers with neurotypical children/students we’d recommend TALi TRAIN for the age range of 3 to 8. However, if your child/student has a developmental disorder, obviously children with higher chronological age than 8 might find TALI TRAIN engaging and challenging.