What we need you to do before embarking on your TALi TRAIN journey.

There are a few things you need to complete before embarking on your TALi TRAIN journey. It won’t take too long but this is necessary data for informing the TRAIN setup, as well as ensuring you have a smooth, successful experience.

Review your DETECT reports

When your students have successfully completed TALi DETECT, you will be in a position to review their individual Assessment Reports, as well as an aggregated Class Report for each class.

The aggregated Class Reports give you a summary of students’ performances, highlighting students who may have lower attention skills.

Identifying these students can be immensely helpful in choosing which students should undertake the TALi TRAIN component of the program, which is the next step to strengthening attention skills.

To access these reports, visit the Reports tab of your Educator Portal.

Purchase TALi Training licenses

Next, you'll need to purchase TALi Training licenses to gain access to the TRAIN component of the program.

To purchase TALi Training licenses, you will need to get in touch with Team TALi. From there, we'll be able set up your custom quote and grant your licenses.

Allocate your TALi Training licenses

Once granted, you'll be able to allocate TALi Training licenses to the students you have previously identified to undertake TRAIN.

Simply visit the Licenses tab of your Educator Portal and add students using the Bulk Upgrade to TALi Training tool.

Complete the SWAN Assessment

Having already completed TALi DETECT, and purchased and allocated your TALi Training licenses, it’s now time for the SWAN Assessment, which measures the Strengths and Weakness of ADHD symptoms and Normal behaviour (SWAN) of each child, based on your observations as their teacher. SWAN is a widely-used rating scale that was developed by leading international experts in mental health.

The 10-minute SWAN Assessment forms an integral part of the TALi journey. It provides a subjective assessment of a child’s behavioural attention that complements the child’s performance-based digital TALi DETECT assessment. It is also useful in establishing a record of the child’s attentional development, which can be used for comparison in the future, particularly after TRAIN’s attention strengthening.

How to complete the SWAN Assessment

  • Visit the Students tab of your Educator Portal
  • For each child with a TALi Training license, you will need to click on their name and then select the SWAN tab.
  • Read the instructions carefully – this observational behaviour assessment of your children forms a baseline for review after your students have completed TRAIN.
  • Record your observations of each child’s behaviour as prompted by the SWAN assessment.

Note: At the completion of TRAIN, you will be asked to undertake the SWAN assessment again.

After you have completed the SWAN assessment of your students, your students will be ready to commence TRAIN.

You can always review your responses in the SWAN tab for each child.

Technical Setup

You will have done this previously for the DETECT assessment but it will serve as a refresh or reminder.

Prior to commencing TALi TRAIN, your school must undergo some minor technical preparations to make sure everything is ready to go.

Note: In working your way through the following preparations, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


You will need one touchscreen tablet per child to run TALi TRAIN. You can view our device matrix to unsure you are able to use a supported device.

Teachers should be aware that noise and distractions negatively affect the performance and ease of delivery of TRAIN. Please ensure each child uses headphones to eliminate as many distractions as feasible.


You will need an internet connection to log in and out, as well as an active connection to upload the assessment upon completion.

Some schools experience limited connectivity in certain areas on their grounds. Try to avoid these areas or ask your IT department for assistance. You can check the connection yourself by using your own device to perform basic online tasks (e.g. load a website or watch a video on YouTube, etc.) or with an analysis tool like Net Spot – https://www.netspotapp.com

Whitelist TALi domains

Your school IT Manager will need to whitelist the following domains at the school-based proxy level:

Program your devices

Download TALi TRAIN from Google play for Android tablets or Apple App Store for iPad to all your devices so every child has access to the program.

Prepare the QR codes that we supplied you in reply to the email you sent us with the details of your children. The QR codes will need to be scanned individually into each device – one device per child loaded with a QR code specific to the child.