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What to do after your students have met compliance

Congratulations on ticking off 20 sessions of TALi TRAIN! We hope the journey so far has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience for you and your students.

The compliance accreditation for TALi TRAIN is earned after the completion of 20 sessions. Because of this, we’ve found for a variety of reasons that many teachers are tempted to stop after reaching this milestone. But we urge you not to stop.

The extensive research and clinical trials we conducted while developing the program gave us some valuable insights into the best way of delivering the training. This research also evidenced how important it is to complete the full 25 sessions of TALi TRAIN to ensure students get the maximum benefit.

It’s understandable, for a variety of reasons beyond your control, that it may not be possible to achieve a 100 percent completion rate of the TALi TRAIN program. Regardless, getting your entire student cohort through all 25 sessions should still be your goal.

Put simply, the more TALi TRAIN sessions completed, the more benefits children get from the program, and the more effective the training is in helping build a foundation for learning that enables them to get the most from their education.

Team TALi is always here to help. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.