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What should I do if, after three or six months, my child has not shown any signs of improvement?

TALi TRAIN is recommended for children identified by TALi DETECT, or other assessments of attention such as SWAN, as having low level of cognitive attention skills, high symptoms of inattentive behaviour, or children with clinical diagnosis of an attention-related disorder. If used by this group of children and from the recommended age group, we’d expect observing improvements although compliance is an important determining factor in observing optimal results.

However, we understand that not all individuals respond to an intervention in the same way. Some experience more noticeable level of improvement in their cognitive abilities, behaviour and social life in various settings such as school and home but some might notice only smaller differences, the same way that a prescription medicine might work for some but not for others ….. In the latter case, we’d recommend a different method of intervention and discussing possible options with your healthcare professional…