How do I continue building upon the skills learnt from TALi TRAIN?

Through the TALi TRAIN, your child will have built strong foundations for essential attention skills that you should continue to build upon.

Through TALi TRAIN, your child will have built strong foundations for essential attention skills that benefit every aspect of their life - socially, academically and emotionally. These skills will continue to develop over the coming months and your child should continue to challenge them in the real world.

We recommend you complete regular activities with your child about 3-5 times a week to practise different aspects of attention, and gradually increase the attentional demands of these tasks over the following months.

For example, you can encourage your child to read or complete puzzles, which will build sustained attention and focus skills (as outlined in the TRAIN program). Extend the time spent on these tasks by a few minutes each month. Also, games like 'Simon Says'  require children to monitor impulsive responses, which builds attentional control and inhibition.

Playing games like these with your child will help strengthen their attention skills, while also continuing to build the positive family-based approach to skills development you initiated through the TALi TRAIN Program.

One aspect that is crucial to the continuing success of interventions is parental involvement. You’ll have spent on average 1 hour 40 minutes one-on-one with your child each week over the last month. Your focus, attention, praise and reinforcement will have had a positive effect on your child’s sense of achievement, which is important to continue once you complete the program.

We’ve put together a list of activities you and your child can do together to help maintain and further develop their attention skills. We recommend doing 3-5 games or activities for each attention skill per month.

Attention Example Strategies Home / School Based Activities
Selective Attention Pay attention to the class teacher and ignore distractions. Start each activity with a clear and explicitly stated goal to help children understand what they should pay attention to.
  • Eye Spy
  • Where’s Wally
  • Word search
  • Kim’s game
Sustained Attention Complete a homework assignment before watching TV or playing video games. Build the duration of tasks gradually. Start with tasks that are relevant and appealing to your child. Ensure the environment is quiet with limited distractions.
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Painting/colouring
  • Reading books
Attentional Control Switch from one activity or subject to another. Clearly outline how you expect your child to behave at home or in the classroom (e.g. stay seated, don’t shout out). Keep time-structured, this can be both leisure and learning activities. Exercise can also help with impulsive and hyperactive behaviours.
  • Simon Says
  • Statues
  • Sleeping Lions
  • Silent Eye Spy

After 6 months

When you pass the 6 month milestone after completing TALi TRAIN, your child may benefit from completing the program again. This will reinforce the attention skills they learned the first time round and further build upon and strengthen these skills as your child progresses in age and emotional maturity.