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What happens if my child misses a day of the program?

TALi TRAIN has clinically proven to be effective if used 5 times a week over a 5 week period. In order to achieve the benefits it’s best to keep the child on a daily schedule. If the child misses a day, we recommend you make up the day later in the week.

Because TALi Train is a training program or attention treatment, we make a comparison having a cold and taking your medication. For instance, imagine you were prescribed antibiotics for an illness and were meant to take medicine twice a day for 2 weeks. If you miss one or two tablets over the course, then it may not be an issue. But, if you took 2 tablets on day one and waited a week to resume the schedule, the antibiotics will likely be less effective.

Our evidence shows that by repeating the training regularly over the 5 week period, you will see stronger results.

If you think your child will need a long break from the program, or you have unusual circumstances, please contact us.