Once you’ve got your report, what do you do with the information? TALi TRAIN

Behavioural rating scale results:

If you’ve completed the Behavioural Assessment, you should have the behavioural results on the TALi portal. If any of the Inattentive Behaviour, Hyperactive Behaviour or Total Scores are positive values (value greater than 0), it indicates that based on your subjective perception of the child’s behaviour, the child shows higher symptoms of inattentive and hyperactive behaviour than an average child their age and gender. The behavioural rating scale doesn’t provide any cutt-off point based on which we could categorise presence or absence of ADHD symptoms but rather, to capture the population variation presumed to exist in nature, it provides a scale for capturing variations in both the strengths as well as weaknesses of individuals, with the higher positive scores showing higher symptomology. This scale is basically used to evaluate the amount of improvement in an individual’s behaviour after an intervention. So, look at these scores after 25 sessions of TALi TRAIN are completed and if you see the the values have decreased (symptoms have decreased), it indicates improvement.