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My child has low self-esteem. What if my child can’t complete the TALi TRAIN program?

The TALi team addresses this concern in three ways.

Firstly, we recommend that you block out time for the child and play with them on a daily basis. Creating a routine will improve your child’s focus and likelihood of success.

Secondly, the TALi TRAIN program is built around the concept of positive reinforcement. Throughout the game your child will be rewarded both verbally and in text during the exercises. At the end of each game your child receives a reward in the form of a digital toy, and at the end of the session your child can play in the TALi Toy Room.

Finally, TALi TRAIN is an adaptive game which means that the difficulty increases or decreases based on your child’s performance on the day - always keeping them challenged. This also means that if your child is having a bad day they will still come away feeling confident.