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If a child becomes restless during training, does this mean it’s not working?

If your child is restless during TALi TRAIN journey or reluctant to play TALi TRAIN after few sessions, this might indicate that they’re losing interest due to TALi TRAIN’s repetitive nature of the exercises.

Finishing all 25 sessions in the 5 weeks gives your child the best chance of improving their attention skills with TALi Train, so its integral that it becomes part of the normal weekly schedule. It will be difficult at times, there’s no avoiding it, even though we designed the games to be engaging, and continuing to look at ways to make it more fun.

Things you to try include –

  1. Including it in a weekly schedule, along with school, extracurricular activities, playdates and chores. Try to find a consistent time to do it as well, which will help to make it part of the routine, and avoid playing TALi on an empty stomach or when your child is tired, like at the end of the day or after playing sport.

  2. Think about ways you can incentivise finishing TALi. What rewards are appropriate for your child?

  3. Try to relate to your child about what your family is hoping to achieve and how it will help your child. Attention is an elemental skill that helps a child learn at school, being creative, talking and playing with friends, and co-operating with other kids (like playing a team sport). If they start to understand why it's important, they will likely want to keep playing and see how many levels they can finish in a day’s session!

  4. Make sure that you are with your child for doing TALi TRAIN, and provide encouragement when completing the exercises. We want families to be very involved from the beginning, as it will help parents and your provider understand, in which exercises your child is excelling and ones that may need more support.