I forgot my TALi TRAIN enabled device at home. I have another tablet though, what can I do?

As long as you have access to another tablet device and your username and password, you can set up TALi TRAIN on a new device. (You can review our full device support list here)

First, you need to log out on the original device.

Using TALi TRAIN via a healthcare professional:

If you're using TALi TRAIN via a healthcare professional, please contact your provider and ask them to clear the device tracking on your child's page.

Using TALi TRAIN via TALi:

If you're using TALi TRAIN via a direct purchase from TALi, please call 1300 082 013 or email info@talihealth.com to request that we clear your device tracking.

Once your device tracking is clear you are logged out. Then, download the TALi TRAIN app on the new device.

Once downloaded you can login with your username and password.