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How to help students who are falling behind

Ensuring that students undertaking TALi TRAIN complete 25 sessions is the most important element to making sure your students get the maximum benefits of the program. Achieving optimal outcomes is made harder if students skip sessions – not to mention the fact that they will progress at a different rate to their peers.

At TALi, we understand teachers and schools don’t operate in a perfect world and there are often times when students will unavoidably fall behind (illness, planned absences, etc.). Catch-up sessions can help combat this situation if/when it arises so, accordingly, we’ve developed some useful strategies for teachers responsible for running these sessions.

One of the simplest catch-up strategies is to hold additional before or after school TALi TRAIN sessions. This will obviously require a degree of flexibility on your part, as well as from the parents of the student(s) affected. However, if your already busy schedule allows it, building in some time at either the top or tail of the school day is one way to get students back on track and ensure everyone gets the most out of TRAIN.   

If holding catch-up sessions before or at the end of the school day is not a workable option, consider sending a tablet device equipped with the TALi TRAIN app and a QR code home with the child. This allows the student to catch up to their peers over the course of a weekend or during other after-school hours under the supervision of a parent or carer.

Although TALi TRAIN is based on five sessions per week for five weeks, we know of some schools and classes where the teachers have allowed six weeks to complete the course. While the five sessions per week for five weeks still needs to be observed, having the sixth week at your disposal accommodates make-up sessions in the final week for any students who may fallen behind.

Just be aware ­– you’ll need to prepare an array of activities to keep the other children occupied during any catch-up time.

If you have any students experiencing trouble logging in to complete TALi TRAIN away from your standard in-school session, please let us know so we can ensure access to the program when they need it.