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How does TALi TRAIN help students in a school setting?

Children that struggle with attention often find an educational setting challenging. Educators see first hand how some children get left behind in the class if they cannot learn, participate or understand concepts because they find it difficult to pay attention.

If a child struggles with attention they may have problems engaging in classroom activities, they might daydream or in some cases become disruptive, which can have an impact on the whole class.

TALi TRAIN was developed to build and strengthen core attention skills early, to help children improve their capacity to learn and take part in life. The program targets the four core attention skills:

  • Selective attention: blocking out those distractions that can interrupt a child’s focus – computers humming, lights flickering, conversation near by, other movement or activity in the classroom.
  • Focus: Concentrating when learning something new. Maintaining attention on a task over a period of time.
  • Control: Choosing what to attend to and what to ignore.
  • Inhibition: Developing the ability to act in a less impulsive manner.

A class where children can pay attention and take part in all the activities benefits everyone, including the teacher and other students.