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How do I implement the TALi TRAIN Program in my school?

The first step is to contact us to arrange a demonstration, or site visit. We understand that the way each school implements the program will change depending on their culture, staff, resources, and curriculum.

Our TALi Team will support you to facilitate TALi TRAIN in your school according to your needs.

Teachers, wellbeing staff and visiting health care professionals may identify students who need to build attention, schools will often then approach parents for support so they can offer the program to more children.

TALi TRAIN is also a great school readiness program to prepare pre-schoolers for their education journey.

Our current educational providers often create programs including:

  • Individual students with a support staff or wellbeing supervisor
  • Small groups of 4-5 students with a support staff or wellbeing supervisor
  • Whole class programs
  • Creation of or integration with a school readiness program

Like everyone at your school, we are always learning. In some cases creating the best training environment is simple, and sometimes we have to be creative. If you have questions or a unique educational environment please contact us.