How best to run your TALi TRAIN sessions

We want to ensure optimal outcomes from your TALi TRAIN experience, which means seeing your students benefit from the many advantages attention strengthening can bring to their lives.

To make things easier for you, we suggest you start TRAIN on a Monday. That way, you will have a clear view of where you are in your TALi journey.

As the teacher, you will know how to explain to your students, without creating undue stress or concern, the importance of giving each game their best attempt. We find that explaining how TALi TRAIN is a series of fun, game-based exercises that they play independently will help you as their teacher gain insight into how they learn and pay attention.

How TALi TRAIN works

In each of the 25 sessions that make up TALi TRAIN, your children will use tablet devices (one device per child) to complete four game-based tasks. The characters in these games are called Talis. Each child selects a Tali of their choice, and then they help their Tali complete the four different tasks.

The four tasks, to be played in any order, are:

  • Selection: Find a Fish / Pick a Planet

  • Focus: Treasure Hunt / Jim's Junk Yard
  • Control: Feed Elvis / Feed Bob
  • Inhibition: Sleepy Elvis / Space Hotel

You might even like to write these tasks on the board on the day of each session so your children know what to expect. Importantly, while the tasks can be played in any order, each child must complete all four tasks in the one session.

There is no conclusion or winner at the end of the game, and there are no right or wrong answers. The program will run for approximately 30 minutes, depending on the child. Once the child starts, they must continue to the end. Once the session has concluded, an automatic lockout occurs until the next day’s session is ready.

Before each game, the Tali will explain the task and the child gets to practise that specific task. When the Tali thinks they have an understanding of what to do, they will suggest the child gets started with the task.

The Tali will actually speak to the child, with the Tali’s speech also provided as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. If you have children who do not speak English very well, you may need to explain the task to them.

If a child finishes earlier than the others, it may be useful to have a small extra task prepared for them so they don’t distract the other children. We suggest each child wears headphones and has plenty of space around them when taking part in their TALi TRAIN session so to reduce distractions as much as feasible.

Now let’s get the room ready for your session…

Preparing the room and the children

These are the items you will need on the day of your TALi TRAIN session:

  • Tablet devices with the TALi TRAIN app loaded for each child.

  • Headphones to block out noise and help the child hear the instructions.
  • QR codes – each student will have their own QR code that helps us unlock the program and individualise and track the results.
  • Wifi enabled and turned on.

Before the children come into the room

  • Arrange the desks so there is space between each child.

  • Place tablets on the desks for each child.

  • Place the QR code for each child where they would normally sit or where you would like them to sit for this exercise.

  • Click and open the TALi TRAIN app.

  • Scan the QR code for each tablet – you will need to ensure each child sits in the correct seat.

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.

  • Click on the child’s name to begin the game.

When the children come into the room:

  • Make sure each child sits in the correct seat.

  • Remind them they should help Tali to the best of their abilities.

  • Remind them their Tali will explain each game what they need to do, and will help them practice before they start each task.

  • Choose a Tali or ask the children to choose their own.

  • Choose the first task or ask the children to choose their own.

  • The game will continue until all four tasks have been completed.

  • At the end, the child will see a ‘Well Done’ screen, which is when they should put down the iPad to conclude the session.

At the end of the session

It’s very important to instruct your children NOT to press logout. We strongly suggest, as the teacher, you are the person responsible for logging out all iPads so you know that assessment has concluded.

Are you having network issues?

If there are networking issues, users may experience problems logging in, uploading data and logging out. We suggest you find a stable internet connection and select the cog (Settings), input your TALi TRAIN pin, check the internet status is connected and then select Retry Uploads. Once the uploads are successful, you can log out.