Getting to know TALi TRAIN

Strengthen attention with TALi TRAIN

You should have already undertaken TALi DETECT — our non-invasive, digital tool for assessing attention in children as young as four years old. Next, we’ll need you to complete the SWAN assessment, which provides an indication of your children’s attention behaviours, based on your observations.

Note: Both DETECT and SWAN are completed before TRAIN and then repeated after TRAIN, so you have an established benchmark for any changes that may occur as a result of the TRAIN program.

How TALi TRAIN works

Upon completion of your initial assessments, you can then begin TALi TRAIN, where you get to extend on the DETECT and SWAN experience, assisting those children flagged as potentially having attention vulnerabilities to strengthen their attention processes.

A TALi TRAIN session consists of four engaging, game-based activities designed to build key attention skills.

These skills include the ability to:

  • Focus;
  • Direct attention;
  • Ignore distractors;
  • Process conflicting information;
  • Prevent impulsive responses.

The games behind TALi TRAIN

The four games of TALi TRAIN work in the following manner…

  • Selection (A selective attention exercise)
    This exercise trains children to pay attention to important information while filtering out distractions. This skill is important for children within a classroom setting as they learn to block out distractions like computers humming or lights flickering, and concentrate on their teacher’s voice.
  • Focus (A sustained attention exercise)
    This exercise trains a child’s ability to maintain concentration on a task over a period of time. Attention span is essential in a classroom environment for acquiring new skills, absorbing information and listening to instructions
  • Control (An attentional control exercise)
    Here, a child’s ability to focus and respond to key information whilst ignoring conflicting information is exercised. In a classroom, this is the ability to follow multi-step instructions or to work independently and as part of a group.
  • Inhibition (An attentional control exercise)
    The inhibition exercise trains a child’s ability to resist dominant behaviour and give a more considered response. Within a classroom environment, controlling thoughts and behaviours such as fidgeting or talking over the top of others are important skills.

Running your TALi TRAIN session

Each TALi TRAIN session takes a child approximately 25-30 minutes to complete via a touchscreen tablet, and must be held five days a week for five weeks. The entire TALi TRAIN program takes 25 sessions to complete.

You can easily run TALi TRAIN with multiple children within a classroom setting.

The TALi TRAIN program aims to assist all children with attention difficulties improve their attention skills. Research suggests that strengthening attention in young children can lead to improved short-and long-term outcomes in social, academic and vocational areas/domains.

For each child, you will receive a performance tracking and analysis, available for viewing in the TRAIN Tracker tab of your Educator Portal.

Our clinical trials have shown that additional improvements are often seen up to three months after completion of the TALi TRAIN program. This means, even well after the program is completed, you still have a wonderful opportunity going forward to watch your children progress.