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Does TALi TRAIN help improve memory?

Children who have attention difficulties may frequently appear to be disorganised or forgetful. This often occurs because the child does not pay sufficient attention to what they are doing at the time or he or she struggles with knowing what to attend to.

Imagine what would happen if you attended to everything you came across each day and had no way of filtering what was and wasn’t important. You would hit a memory overload and could potentially forget everything. Attention helps to reduce this overload by allowing us to focus only on what’s important and to employ cognitive effort to remember important aspects.

So, there is a difference between attention and working memory. Having attention allows for information to be taken in and to select what’s important. Working memory then comes into play and helps helps us remember and recall that information when we need it. Many children who struggle to learn have attention issues, working memory issues, or both. Attention is the foundation for improving memory.

Using the TALi TRAIN program will help your child learn to block out distractions and to focus on what they are doing. This means that the child’s is growing the foundations to improve memory.