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Delivering TALi TRAIN for success

As any tradesman will tell you, having the right tools is one thing but how those tools are used is just as important when it comes to getting the best results from your work. In this regard, TALi TRAIN is no different.

The extensive research and clinical trials we conducted while developing the program have also given us some valuable insights into the best way of delivering the training, so those children participating in TALi TRAIN get the maximum benefit.

We’ve also found that these insights provide teachers and parents with a helpful resource for measuring whether their children are progressing through the program as they should, while also providing peace-of-mind and managing expectations when it comes to the outcomes of the TRAIN program.

Bearing this in mind, teachers conducting the TALi TRAIN program should always start training on a Monday. With five sessions per week to complete, matching them to the days of the working week (rather than the weekend) makes it much easier to keep track of where you are in the program.

Participate in five TALi TRAIN sessions per week (Monday through to Friday). The clinical trials we conducted to measure the effectiveness of the program were based on students completing five sessions per week over a five-week period. Skipping days, or completing more than one session per day, is likely to compromise the effectiveness of TALi TRAIN. This is not a program that can be completed in ‘binge sessions’.

It’s vital that you keep an eye on your students’ progress. This is made easier for you with the weekly reports we generate, and via the TRAIN Tracker tab on our website. The reports and Tracker will give you an indication of how individual students are performing, as well as the overall effectiveness of the program.

For each of the four exercises in every TALi TRAIN session, students receive a performance grading of either ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, or ‘Needs Support’. You can provide additional help to those students identified as ‘Needs Support’ with the supplied prompt questions that will ensure they fully understand what each task is asking of the.

Monitor and encourage any students who are struggling. To help you do this, we’ve created some more information to guide you on managing any students who may be falling behind. 

Just like any other kind of lesson or class, it’s vital to keep your students motivated and engaged. After Session 10 of the program, your students can enjoy a new space theme. Feel free to institute additional rewards, such as class games and other fun activities, as an incentive to complete TRAIN sessions.

And finally, the importance of completing all 25 TALi TRAIN sessions cannot be understated. The more sessions that students complete, the more likely they are to derive the full benefits of the TALi TRAIN program.


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